virtual assistant frequently asked questions

Why should I choose a package over your hourly rate?

We charge the same rate for our packages as we do hourly, but there is a difference between these options! When you buy a package, you specifically reserve that set of hours for your business that month–meaning if you buy 20 hours, we make sure we have 20 hours to devote to your work. If we fill up the rest of our schedule, we don't sell out the 20 hours you reserved, whereas if you go hourly there isn't a guarantee for that set amount of time.

However, this means that when you reserve them, we can't sell those hours out to anyone else, so if they don't get used, you are still billed for the remainder of the full package at the end of the month. We can roll over 2 unused hours to the next month, but they have to be used within 30 days or they expire.

We typically have no problem with using all the hours (and many of our clients find themselves needing MORE hours once they figure out what to throw our way)–it's all just dependent on communication.


How do you communicate?

We love Trello! It is helpful for everyone involved to have all tasks and information in one place, that way we can make sure nothing falls through the cracks. If you’re unfamiliar with Trello, don’t worry! It’s free and super simple to use. It uses a drag and drop interface, and it’s basically like online sticky notes where we can communicate about projects. We made a quick introductory video for our clients to use to get familiar with Trello, which covers everything you’ll need to know to work with us.

We can also be reached by email at You can feel free to email us at any time, but we will only respond during business hours.

We are available for scheduled phone calls occasionally, but we find that having a written record of communication is most helpful for all parties involved, as it can easily be reviewed. We are not available for unscheduled phone calls, as we spend the vast majority of our time working on client projects.


Can I roll over hours?

We can roll over 2 unused hours to the next month, but they have to be used within 30 days or they expire. However rollover hours are limited to monthly packages. Meaning, if you go with our hourly minimum (5 hours) it’s a use-it-or-lose-it kind of deal. Our communication is open & consistent and we make sure to send frequent reminders when months are coming to a close, so using up 5 hours should never be a problem.


If I refer someone, can I get a discount?

Referrals are our favorite way to get new customers! If you refer a client to us, we will give you one free hour of VA services once the client is signed. There’s no cap on the number of referral hours you can earn, but you can’t use more than one per month.


Can I change my package depending on how many hours I need?

Heck yeah! We try, to the best of our ability, to be flexible with our clients. We understand that some months are busier than others, so we are happy to increase or decrease hours (we still require 5 hours minimum monthly) as you need. Of course, as our client base grows, upgraded packages are subject to team availability.


What if I’ve never hired a VA before?

We get it - outsourcing can be really tricky! If you’ve never hired outside help before, you may be a bit wary. We wrote a guide on how to get the ball rolling on outsourcing your tasks, which you can find here. In general, we find it most helpful if you communicate your concerns upfront, so we can make sure we’re aware + do our best to give you peace of mind.


What is your process like?

In general, we start out with a discovery call (which you can book here) so we can get an idea of what services you need and if we would be a good fit. If we decide to proceed after the discovery call, we will send you our contract via HelloSign and our initial invoice via Wave. We will also send along our welcome packet, which describes in more detail our policies and procedures and includes a questionnaire for you to fill out that will give us more of an idea of how your business works. We’ll get you set up with a Trello board, and then you can get started assigning us tasks!


What programs do you work with?

We have experience with a lot of different programs and systems! They include: WordPress, Squarespace, Kajabi, Shopify, Smarterqueue, Tailwind, Buffer, Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, eClincher, BoardBooster, Planoly, G Suite, Outlook, Canva, Photoshop, Lastpass, Dropbox, Trello, Airtable, Asana, Toggl, Calendly, Todoist, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Typeform, Zoom, Slack, Teachable, and Libsyn. This list is not conclusive and always growing! We are fairly tech-savvy, and we pride ourselves on learning new systems all the time. If you use a system that we haven’t mentioned here, let us know! We’re confident we can learn it for you.


What’s your turnaround time?

We do our best to complete all projects in a timely manner. Please feel free to give us deadlines when you assign us tasks. In general, we have tasks done within 2 business days, and frequently we are able to finish things faster than that. If you have a project that is urgent, we do charge a higher fee, but we can most likely get it done for you.


What are your hours?

We live in upstate New York, so our hours are in Eastern Standard Time. Our office is open from 9AM-6PM Monday through Friday. We’re closed on most major holidays. You can feel free to contact us at any time, but we will only respond + work on client work during these hours.


How do I know if i’m ready for a VA?

We pride ourselves on being an asset to our clients and their businesses. We can only be efficient and helpful, though, if you have tasks ready to delegate. If you can’t imagine handing off tasks to someone who isn’t you, then a VA probably isn’t the right choice for you.


Can you read my mind?

No, sorry! The only minds we can read are each other’s, and we find that creepy enough. We will do everything in our power to get to know you and your business as fast as possible, but we do require feedback and communication consistently from all of our clients. The longer we work together, the more we will be able to anticipate your needs, but we will always require communication from our clients.


How many hours will I need?

We have a handy dandy quiz you can take to get an idea of which of our packages is right for you. You can find it here!


How does billing work?

We require half of the monthly fee to be paid up front, before services commence. When the month or hours expire, you will be billed for the rest of the month, and the first half of the upcoming month.

Your month will start on the day you make your first payment, and start over every month on that day. For example, if you sign our contract and pay our initial invoice on May 4, you will be billed on the 4th of each month (excluding weekends - we will bill on the next business day).

We require payment upon the receipt of the invoice. A late fee will be assessed if the invoice remains unpaid 15 days after it is sent. We will pause services until we receive payment. All of our billing is done via Wave.