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Stephanie Hare is a 23 year old University at Buffalo alumna currently residing in Rochester New York. She has a B.A. in English Lit and Transnational Studies and is a current member of the International English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Her previous work experience covers everything from food service to preschool teaching to retail to office work, so she is well versed in the merits of patience, multitasking, and the exact number of seconds it takes to make the perfect french fry.

This mixed bag of work experiences has given Steph the skills and excitement she needs to jump into something new. She thinks quickly on her feet, works with the determination of Dwight Schrute and hopes to one day match Gina Linetti's truly admirable level of pizazz.  

When she’s not working, Steph spends her time buying more books than she could ever read, needlepointing extremely poorly, drinking coffee and finding ways to slowly cover everything she owns in glitter.


Emily Hare is a 25-year-old who currently lives in Rochester, NY. She is a University at Buffalo alumna and has a Social Sciences Interdisciplinary B.A. degree, with concentrations in Health and Human Services and Early Childhood Education. She was a member of the University Honors College and Phi Beta Kappa, so she has many certificates confirming that she’s a huge nerd. She’s worked in a number of jobs and industries, from food service to preschool teaching to the front end and scheduling department of a major surgery center in Rochester.


Based on this varied background, she has the ability to be flexible, to multitask, and to think outside the box. She’s a fast learner with a flaming perfectionist streak, a quick wit, and a knack for fast paced pop culture references rivaled only by Lorelai Gilmore.  

In her personal life, she spends most of her time having deep chats with her friends, consuming a truly excessive amount of television and other media, reading anything she can get her hands on, and visiting as many coffee shops as she can in this lifetime.

why work with us?

Running a business takes a lot, and you should have time to focus on what matters most to you. At Crown Creatives, we're here to take all the little things that go into managing your business' online presence off your plate so you can spend your time and attention on the big picture. With us working hard behind the scenes, you won't have to worry about anything falling through the cracks.


The two of us founded Crown Creatives Virtual Services as a way to help small business creatives reach their full potential without the burden of all the small things that get in the way of their passion. As sisters, we grew up in Rochester, New York, and then both attended SUNY University at Buffalo pursuing degrees in Health and Human Services and English Lit. Combined, our previous work experience consists of child care, food service, retail, as well as various administrative positions.

While only 25 and 23, the two of us have had such wild work experiences that we've basically seen it all. Throughout all those experiences our commitment to customer service, collaborative efforts, and open communication have been essential, something we know will come in handy when helping you with all your online needs.

When we're not working, we can be found rewatching Parks and Rec on Netflix, putting way too many pictures of our cats on Snapchat, and searching for new bookstores to rummage through. The two of us decided to take our varied skills, experiences, and love of spending enormous amounts of time on the internet and put it to some good use helping you manage your businesses online!

our values about page

our values

Here at Crown Creatives, we operate through hard work & open-mindedness, but we also work very hard to make sure our values are represented through our business.

As members of the queer community, we are unequivocally supportive of LGBTQ+ folks. We work best with those whose values reflect or complement our own body positive,  intersectional, diverse & open-minded beliefs.

While we don't anticipate any sort of discomfort in working together, we do reserve the right to elect not to work on projects that directly clash with the ideals of our business.

In such a case, we will be happy to point you toward another resource to help you with any project we don't feel suited to help you with.

ready to get started?

As the faces behind Crown Creatives Virtual Services, we can't wait to assist all you creative entrepreneurs with your online business management.  We're ready to give you the time you need to focus on growing your business and to do the work you're really passionate about doing.

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